Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Month's Bulletin Board

So long purple background. You served us well.

I went to Lakeshore Learning center and they had this fun cloudy bulletin board paper so I put that up. The purple was tired, but I had left it up since I didn't like any of the other colors we had in the supply room... and because I am lazy... and it's freaking hard to put up that stuff by yourself. Or at least I am unaware of the secret way to put it up easily.


This months' board was done with my Cricut. I used the 'New Arrival' cartridge to make up the umbrellas. (I removed the bows from the umbrellas for the boys). My friend Dawn came over and wrote out the names for me. She has amazing handwriting, and I can't lie... I am super jealous. The paper is all from My Mind's Eye. I thought this one turned out really cute.