Friday, April 25, 2008

I have a problem....

Well, several actually but that's another blog. Today it's that I seem to be a pro at biting off more than I can chew. It's my gift.

Teacher Appreciation week is coming up and I signed up to be on the committee. So, we are sitting at the meeting, discussing what we are going to do for the teachers, and they start talking about the wonderful things they have done in the past and what ever will we do this year. And I come up with the less than brilliant idea to make each teacher a little book. The students will each get a page to write a nice note to their teacher or draw a picture (for the youngins). Well, they all liked the idea so now I am making 18 of these little books. They are 5.5x5.5". I cut all the pages, the covers, and the chipboard backing with my Cricut Expression. Then I got to use my fabulous new toy, the Bind-It-All to bind them. The paper on this one is from Basic Grey and so is the ribbon.

So wish me luck, and watch for 17 more of these little babies.


Jackie D said...


Love your book! Have just come up with a similar idea as our end of year gift to our teacher.

Good Luck.


Scrapping For Boys said...

Though it may prove to be time consuming, I think it is a wonderful idea. If I had the time, I would suggest it to my son's school. You have a great site and beautiful items. Keep it up. I enjoy seeing them all.