Saturday, March 10, 2007

Valentine's Day Card Class Part 2

This card I made at 4am the day I was going to show the cards to everyone at church. It is a result of pure insomnia. :p This was however, the most difficult card I did for this class. Although it is still pretty simple to make. I used patterned cardstock and inked the edges. Then I used my Cricut (another tool I LOVE) to cut out two hearts and two circle tags. I inked the edges of the shapes. Ran ribbon through them and on the heart added a ribbon charm from Making Memories. The sentiment is a stamp. Then I attempted to stitch around the card, but it seems that sewing at 4 am is not my best work. ;) There was another card, but the pictures I took of it were terrible. Someday I will see if I can remember to scan it in. As always, thanks for looking!