Wednesday, April 2, 2008

There goes my new years resolution...

Shocking huh? Yeah, not so much.

I have quite a few things to post, but first a little update as to what has been happening here.

Last month, my Husband's Aunt and Uncle were crossing the street (at a crosswalk) when an oncoming truck did not see them and struck them. Sonja is doing ok, but Jerry is still in a bad way. I wont go into details, but every prayer counts.


A while back I posted a link to This morning at 12:48 Rick was called home to our Heavenly Father. What a blessing! His family was blessed to get to spend time with him knowing what would happen. His family is blessed because they have been brought closer together. His family is blessed in knowing that they will see and be with him again, and knowing that Rick is no longer in pain. They are blessed because they loved so much that it hurts to lose. It's a hard time, but Rick is in a better place.


Hug the ones you love.


-brooke said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! We'll keep your hubby's uncle in our prayers. Please give our love to the Keys' as well.