Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Ultimate Tool....

Ok, I have a Cricut. I love my Cricut, and I mean LOVE my Cricut. I received it for Mother's Day in 2006 and have used it tons! Well this year for Mother's Day I got the new Cricut Expression. HOLY FRIJOLES! I LOVE this machine! I didn't think that Provo Craft could do anything beyond connecting the USB port to make me love this little cutter any more, but let me tell you that the Expression is AMAZING. There are so many new features that improve upon the original Cricut, like the ability to center a cut (So I can use it to crop shapes into photos), the ability to cut chipboard (YAY YAY YAY), not to mention the great sizes too! I could go on and on, but I won't. Let me just say that if you are considering this machine, go out and get it! You will love it.

That being said, let me tell you that I am also keeping my little Cricut too. I can take it places and now I can be cutting on two machines at once!

I know, there are tons of people who prefer the computer connected cutters, and I do own one. And, I do use it. But it is much more time consuming and requires ALOT of 'tweaking' to get what I want from it. I love the Cricut because it is so simple and quick to get what I want from it.

Long live the Cricut!


Karen said...

You go girl! I have one but haven't had time to play