Friday, May 18, 2007

PHEW, I finished my order.

The last of the stuff for Tina and her Lia Sophia business.
I had to modify the tags I had made the day before because I hadn't put the incentive information on it. Here it a completed tag.Then I made her 6 OCD boxes with insert gift cards for hostesses. When they book a class they get to open the box and then select an incentive from the list. I love to make these boxes and think they turned out really cute.
The last thing I had to make was a face to put on a gift bag for her 'Chocolate Game' she plays with the party guests. I have a few unused paint cans from when I taught my altered paint can class last November, so I thought I would just make her a can quickly instead of the face for the Bag. The can will last better anyway. :D