Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Hubby is the best!

Cricut announced a new machine this last winter, the Cricut Expression. I got the chance to see it at Scrapbook USA, and at that point I had decided I could live without it. I was wrong.

So today I asked the hubby if I could go ahead and pre-order it and it would be my Mother's Day gift. He didn't even hesitate. But I believe his actual statement was, "Sure, I know tht you will just go get it anyway and it will save me the headache and stress of trying to get you something."

I'm just fine with that.

Expression, here I come! YAY! I will be pre-ordering it from Kim S. She is fabulous and sells cricut stuff at a discount. And, since she is an authorized Cricut dealer everything comes with a full warranty, whereas using ebay sellers doesn't.



Caryn - Queen of the May said...

Lucky you! Enjoy your new toy when it gets to you.