Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My OCD Box

This is my little OCD box. For christmas one year my mother gave me a gift card to Sur La Table (I LOVE to cook). And it came in a little box that I became slightly (ok, more than slightly) obsessed with. I dissected it and taught myself how to make them. This is the front of the last one I made and decorated.
This is the back of it. I cut out the heart and tag with my Cricut. The eyelet came from Making memories, as did the papers.
This is the insert card. I love this box because you can put a card in it and it stands up nicely in the box folds. They are great for gift cards and invitations, and thank you notes with little gifts or treats.
Here's the card next to the box.
Here's the card inside the box.

Thanks for looking at my crazy OCD box. :D I think I will make another one today... after I get back from the greatest sale on earth!